Best Movie to Watch When You Are Stressed

When people get stressed due to the various things that occur, the best thing to do is watch movies. There are plenty of South Indian movies 2022 that you can watch when you get stressed.

Movies such as Selfie, Writer and many more can help you be relieved of your stress and spend some time entertaining yourself. In this guide, you will learn about some of the best Tamil movies you can watch to reduce stress.  

Tamil Movies That Can Help Reduce Your Stress.

Some of the top Tamil movies that can help reduce your stress are as follows:


This is easily one of the most anticipated Tamil movies, and people awaited a lot before its release. This Tamil movie stars G.V Prakash in a lead role along with VarshaBollamma, Vidhya, GautamVasudev Menon and many more in important roles. The director of this Tamil movie is MathiMaran, and it is produced under the DG Film company.

The story is about an ill-tempered engineering student who gets involved in an underground college admission racket to get more money. With time, he and his friends become targets of gangsters and loan sharks. If you want to experience thrills in a movie, this is the Tamil movie you must opt to see.


This movie is considered one of the best South Indian moviesand the director of the movie is Franklin Jacob. The star cast of the film includes Iniya, Samuthirakani, Hari Krishnan, Lizzie Antony and many more. The film showcases the police department and all the struggles that the police have to deal with during a day’s work.

The film revolves around a middle-aged policeman cum writer who looks to form a police union but gets caught in an illegal case. The case involves an innocent PhD student, and the policeman takes trouble in ensuring that justice is delivered to the student who has become a part of the false case. If you want to know what a police officer is capable of doing, watch this movie.

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